Business Central is a robust, modern Enterprise Resource Planning Software geared toward small and medium sized businesses.  Its wide-range of modules are designed to help you run your business efficiently.  Business Central may be hosted in Microsoft’s cloud, a private cloud or installed on-premise.  

What is the difference between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central? Microsoft has simply renamed Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central. Microsoft Dynamics NAV still exists up to version 2018 and all new releases of the product are now referred simply as Business Central.

The other main difference is Business Central can be licensed on a subscription basis with automatic updates and upgrades from Microsoft and implemented on Microsoft’s cloud. However, the product may be also licensed on a perpetual or subscription base and installed on-premise or on a private cloud.

See video below for an intro to Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Business Central video is in the works) or continue reading below to find out how Business Central can increase your efficiency.  

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

ERP software is designed to run your business efficiently.  ERP software contains most of the modules you need to run your business including sales, purchasing, customer relationship management, inventory, manufacturing and more. 

Why interface with multiple systems when you can have one that does it all?  That is the philosophy of an ERP system.  However, there are cases, where continuing to use an existing system and interface with your ERP software makes the most sense.  Business Central has the latest and most modern tools to facilitate interfacing between systems.  

Benefits of ERP Software

There are many benefits of using a fully integrated ERP software, such as Business Central.  A few of these include:

  • Reduction or elimination of double entry

  • Immediate access to key analytical and financial data

  • Strengthen coordination and communication between departments and resources

  • Data to plan future activities

  • Full accounting and reporting functionality

Take Advantage of Tools you Already Use

Business Central has a similar look and feel to tools you are likely already familiar with such as Excel, Word and Outlook.   This means less time for your staff to come up to speed.   With Business Central, tight integration with Office 365 enables you to perform many tasks in your ERP system without ever having to leave Outlook, thus increasing productivity.  In the scenario below, we have received an email from a customer asking the status of an invoice.  To the right, we can see key information for our customer from Business Central without ever having to leave Outlook!

Cloud or On-Premise

Running Business Central in the cloud has never been easier.  This greatly reduces your initial investment and you don't need to worry about hardware, servers, memory and so forth.   We'll take care of it all and you'll be up and running- smoothly, quickly and efficiently in the cloud.  

If you prefer to house your software on-premise or on a private cloud, no problem! We'll help you get started.  

Flexible Licensing

You can license your software perpetually or on a subscription basis.  It's up to you and what suits your needs and budget.  

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